What does a surrogacy relationship look like?

The journey you are about to begin will be one of the most significant experiences of your life. We want your experience to be a positive one and we work diligently to match you with someone whose beliefs and ideals align with yours.

When our intended parents and gestational surrogates meet for the first time- they are almost always strangers. What we often see are relationships that build and grow naturally over time. Witnessing these beautiful and genuine bonds during the course of their journeys is such a beautiful experience. What we are doing together as a team is very intimate and requires trust from everyone. Open communication plays an essential role in building a healthy foundation from which a relationship can flourish. From the very first match meeting, we advocate for transparency with all parties involved by discussing relationship preferences and expectations.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How often will you communicate with one another?

  •  What will communication look like? Phone calls, text messages, pictures?

  • What types of information do you want to share publicly, including social media?

  •  Who will attend doctor appointments? And how often?

  • Would you like to meet up regularly for meals and get togethers?

  • How much information will be shared about the baby? First kick, heartburn, nausea, bump pictures?

  • What type of relationship do you desire after birth?

Discussing the answers to these questions up front will not only help us to find a good match for you, but also set the stage for open discussion and relationship expectations to help build a relationship with a foundation of open communication and trust.

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