Their Bun My Oven (Becoming a Surrogate)

Becoming a Surrogate is a selfless decision to help give another family an opportunity at what you already have.  So who are these women and should you consider becoming a surrogate?


Gestational Carriers (Surrogates) have one of the most important roles on this earth, and because of the responsibility there are requirements that must be met to be qualify. If you have had no issues becoming pregnant, enjoyed pregnancy and labor and delivery, and are completed building your own family, you may be a great candidate.   In addition, you must have a supportive family environment, live in a smoke and drug free home, and not be on any government assistance.  Lastly, if needles or hormones don’t seem appealing to you, this may not be the best opportunity to give back.  Gestational Carriers are required to self-inject medications for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.


As you research Gestational Carrier compensation you may see promises of large sums of money.  Those advertisements are there to entice you, but know that surrogacy is a long process – typically 12-16 months.  Payments begin after a confirmed pregnancy and continue throughout the course of the pregnancy, with a final payment at delivery.

Surrogate compensation can help your family to do a lot of things, otherwise impossible.  Surrogates often use the money to put a down payment on a new house, complete home improvements, put aside money for college for their children, and also help to pay off student loans.

However, If financial motivation is your sole purpose for becoming a surrogate, you should probably look for another means of compensation.  Surrogacy is a long process, requires a lot of responsibility and communication, and is meant to be an enjoyable process for all parties involved.

Relationship with Intended Parents

Matching with a couple who has like minded interests and the same goals for the process is key to having an enjoyable experience.  Understanding what is important to you in a journey is crucial to finding the perfect match.  Are you willing to carry twins?  Are you comfortable with the parents attending doctor appointments?  What if there was a severe defect with the fetus, would you be willing to terminate the pregnancy at the wish of the parents?  Are you comfortable with having the parents in the room for the delivery?  Are you willing to make special adjustments to your diet or routine to accommodate the requests of the parents?  Would you be willing to pump breast milk after the pregnancy?  What would you like your relationship to be with the the child and intended parents after the delivery? All of these are important decisions that need to be made to make sure you are successfully matched with like minded parents.

Application Process

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Gestational Carrier for one of our amazing couples, head on over to our surrogate application and we will schedule a no obligation phone consult with you to learn more about your desires.

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