The Agency’s Role In Your Surrogacy Journey

Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate or you have chosen to use a surrogate to complete your family, using an agency can support and protect both parties. Our ultimate role as an agency is to provide support for both parties from your initial consultation, through delivery and even after. Our staff of experienced surrogates and intended parents have the training and knowledge to assist with every aspect of your journey. Those who are new to surrogacy can find the entire process overwhelming. Our goal is to make your journey as stress free as possible so that everyone can focus on what’s most important, bringing a baby into this world. 

What does an agency do? What are the advantages? These are some of the questions that most likely are crossing your mind. Guided Surrogacy Solution’s role begins with our rigorous pre screening process to make sure everyone is physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for the journey they will embark upon. We help to navigate the process with the coordination of medical appointments, meetings with attorneys, making sure escrow accounts are in place and coordination of insurance. We have experience working with trusted professionals who are well versed and informed when it comes to surrogacy laws. Our agency also helps with the matching process. Being such an intimate experience, we want to make sure surrogates and intended parents are matched with like minded beliefs and desires, without having to make compromises.

We want your journey to be a positive experience. That is why we do what we do. Each team member here at Guided Solutions has been touched by surrogacy in some way. It truly is our passion to build on our experiences and assist others on their journeys. If you would like to learn more about us and how we can support you, we would love to talk.

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