Tips for a Successful Match Call

Tips for a Successful Match Call

When we were coordinating schedules for an introductory match with call a surrogate and intended parents little did we realize that one of the options was Friday the 13th - the day of the Harvest Moon. The Intended Parents were a bit hesitant to participate in a virtual meeting on such a superstitious day with a full moon, but we all took it as an opportunity for lighthearted jokes and conversation starters.

Meeting a surrogate or intended parents for the first time can feel like a like a blind date. Will I like them? Will they like me? Are we a good match? Some feel pressure that this first meeting must work and couples ask me all of the time what they should ask.

Here are some tips for a successful match call - even if it’s on a superstitious day!

It’s normal to be nervous - you are about to embark on a year journey with another individual/couple! Even if you’re nervous - the REAL YOU needs to show up. Be sure to bring up what your every day life entails including how your spouse makes fun of your house plants, your favorite vacations, or your quest to find the best pad thai!

Come prepared with questions to ask and also think about what might be asked of you. As an agency we help to facilitate the call and fill in any gaps, but we also like this to be YOUR call. We want you to feel empowered to drive the conversation, so being prepared with questions will help the call run more smoothly!

Calls don’t always go as planned. Sometimes they might be interrupted with a poor connection or even a friendly face that wants to drop in and say hello! Be prepared to go with the flow if kids may be intrigued by the video call and want to join in, ask questions, or even do a a booty shaking dance (yes, this really did happen on our match call - and it was FABULOUS!). It’s a great introduction to the family you may be working with and how they handle situations when things don’t go as planned!

Select an inviting space in your home that receives a strong wireless signal. It’s best to try to avoid coffee shops or public locations for privacy purposes.

Once the call has ended we like to give each couple the opportunity to think about the call and if they would like to advance to the next steps of meeting in person. You should never feel pressured to make a decision on the spot!

If both couples determine that they would like to proceed in moving forward, the next step would be to set up an in-person meeting prior to medical screening.

Have suggestions or tips on what makes a successful match call? Comment Below!

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