Handling Stress During Fertility Treatments

Infertility changes you - it changes your relationship with your partner, and it changes how your view your current relationships.  It’s difficult to relate to others who haven’t experienced the same as you, and that is one reason why more and more couples are turning to social media outlets to connect with others experiencing the same or similar journeys.

Moving On In the New Year

The new year gives us a clean slate to move past the heartbreak, failure, and setbacks from last year.  What if, instead of thinking as those difficult times in your life as failures and setbacks, you look at them as an opportunity to redirect to a new path to achieve your goals.

Is Surrogacy Right For You?

Choosing Surrogacy to build your family isn’t an easy choice. And rarely is it the first choice. When a couple learns that a surrogate is their best option to complete their family, rarely are they jumping for joy.

If you’re just starting your research on surrogacy, you may find that there are a lot of misconceptions.

Do Intended Parents Need A Birth Plan

Even though you may not be giving birth to your child, you and your surrogate should have a birth plan in place to make sure everyone is on the same page as to how things should go on the big day. A Birth Plan is not a contractual agreement, but more of a wish list of how you would like things to go in an optimal situation.