Wondering if you can afford surrogacy?

The ability to afford surrogacy is not as overwhelming once you break down the costs, timing, and options.

The great news is that surrogacy is not just for Hollywood stars and is much more possible once you evaluate your options.   

Evaluate Your Personal Finances

It’s not what you make – it’s what you spend

Do you have a good understanding of where your income is going?  For at least one month make a spreadsheet of every item you purchase.  Make sure to cross reference your spreadsheet with receipts, credit card and bank statements.  Does your spreadsheet include your automatic subscriptions, utilities, and Starbucks auto reloads, as well as items paid for in cash?  

You might be amazed at where you are spending your money.  Once you have an idea of what you are spending where, next month set a goal for each spending category and try not to exceed your budget.  Once you have created some spending boundaries, your savings account will have an opportunity to grow. 

Automatic Savings Plan

Update your automatic payroll deduction to send a specific amount of money each pay to your savings account.  Once the money is in this account – make sure to leave it there untouched until you reach your goal.

Set Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Savings Goals

With your budget and automatic savings plan, set a goal date of when you want to achieve a certain amount.  Having goals will help you to achieve results faster.

Work a Second Job

Another way to boost your savings is to temporarily work a second job to increase your income.  Remember, it’s only temporary


Sell Your Home and Downsize or Move In With Family

After looking at your monthly spend, is a large portion of your income being spent on your mortgage?  Research what it would look like financially to sell your house, downsize, or even temporarily move in with your family.  

Equity Line of Credit on House

Taking out an equity line of credit on your house allows you to borrow money multiple times with a maximum spend and adjustable interest rates.  

Plan a Garage Sale

How much stuff do you have in your house that you aren’t using and could be potential income?  Even if you don’t want to have an outdoor garage sale, consider selling your items on a local Facebook Group or Marketplace.  

Fertility Grants

There are multiple organizations that offer fertility grants that assist with the cost for different parts of your journey.  Each has their own specific set of requirements and are definitely worth researching.

Men Having Babies

Baby Quest

Life Foundation

Journey to Parenthood

Guided Surrogacy Solutions does not endorse any of the listed financial options.


Asking for help may feel uncomfortable, but realize this, people want to hear your story and they want to help.  Look into setting up a Go Fund Me page or having a fundraiser event.  There are many couples out there who have already done this to help kickstart their journey. Remember this, you don’t have to do this alone.  

Separate Your Expenses

One of the best ways to afford surrogacy is to separate your journey into two phases.  The first phase is the process to create your embryos.  Once this step is complete, then start the next phase of the process to start your surrogacy journey.  

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