Researching to become a surrogate

Surrogacy is a selfless gift that can help couples grow their family after struggling with many years of infertility.  Deciding to become a surrogate often takes careful consideration, research, and deep conversations with family members.

To qualify to become a surrogate you should consider the following:

Between the ages of 21-40
Uncomplicated pregnancies
Maximum of 2 c-sections
Done having your own children
Financially Stable
Supportive Family
Drug Free
BMI under 34
Uncomplicated medical history
No state or government assistance
Reside in a Surrogate friendly state

The average surrogacy journey can take from 18 – 24 months.

Travel & Missed Time from Work
Does your schedule accommodate taking injections at the same time every day, traveling to the the IVF Clinic for medical screening & embryo transfer, attending multiple doctor appointments, delivery in a hospital setting with a NICU?

Family Support
How does your partner/spouse feel about the time commitment and risks involved with you carrying a child for another couple? How do you plan to explain the pregnancy and birth to your own children, extended family, co-workers?

What type of family would you like to help?
What type of relationship would you like to have with the couple?
What is important to you during pregnancy/birth/afterwards?
What are you feelings on termination and selective reduction?
What are your thoughts/feelings on vaccinations before and during a pregnancy?

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