Medicaid and Surrogacy

One of our pre-screening requirements is that surrogate applicants are not receiving any form of government assistance.  What does government assistance have to do with wanting surrogacy?  The truth, a lot!

When entering into a surrogacy arrangement it is against the law to utilize Medicaid for your benefit. Medicaid is a federal government sponsored program available to assist individuals that live at a certain socioeconomic level. This federal assisted program offers medical needs like health insurance to disabled individuals, children and to a single pregnant woman that has little or no income. Utilizing Medicaid to cover the expenses of a gestational surrogate arrangement would be considered insurance fraud. It is not the responsibility of the government to assist intended parents with the cost associated with their surrogate journey. Not only would it be considered insurance fraud, but the individual trying to use it for their financial gain could lose their Medicaid benefits indefinitely. 

If you’re currently on medicaid and are interested in surrogacy,  you should first establish yourself financially before moving forward to help another family.

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