Is Surrogacy Right For You?

 Choosing Surrogacy to build your family isn’t an easy choice.  And rarely is it the first choice.   When a couple learns that a surrogate is their best option to complete their family, rarely are they jumping for joy.

If you’re just starting your research on surrogacy, you may find that there are a lot of misconceptions.

Whether you are a same-sex couple or have been through multiple fertility treatments, determining if surrogacy is the next step depends on how you see your life looking like in the future.

As a couple, we were in the exact same boat – not sure if we were ready to take the next step in this journey.  In our Why We Chose Surrogacy post, I go into more detail about how we made the decision to move forward.

Where do I even begin?

There are a lot of overwhelming emotions that pull and tug at your heart when moving forward with Surrogacy. One of the hardest parts is understanding where to even begin in the process.  Depending upon how many resources you have at your fingertips, you will need your own personal gps for the journey.  Wether you navigate independently or consult an agency for direction, there are pretty standard milestones along the way that we outline in the process section of our website.

Can we can afford this?

With surrogacy gaining popularity thanks to the spotlight of the Kardashians and other famous Hollywood stars, some couples are under the misconception that they can’t afford surrogacy to grow their family.  Admittedly, it seems daunting when you hear price ranges, but break down the costs into four separate categories in our costs section of our website.

Trusting Your Gut

If you see your future filled with continuing family traditions, events, and school activities, then surrogacy could be fright for you.

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