Why choose us

Guided Surrogacy Solutions understands that everyone has a different experience that leads them to choose surrogacy as an option to build their family. 

No matter how difficult your journey has been,  we are interested in helping guide you through the next steps of your story. 

We are a small agency offering a more intimate and personal experience.


It all begins with getting to know more about your story and your desires for building your family. We’ll talk about a lot of things during this first consult including all of your family building options and the many avenues to surrogacy and available resources.

We'll also create an action plan for you to get started helping you to ask the right questions. We’ll make sure you have thought about the qualities you wish for in a surrogate as well as what your desired journey looks like from your perspective. We’ll talk about expectations, fears, and concerns and all of the wonderful joys that are a result of this experience.

We will review the process from start to finish, the cost of surrogacy, and estimated timeline. Our first consultation is free and most times we chat over ice cream or a latte.

Surro Babe

Overview of process

>> Guided Surrogacy Consultation
>> Create Embryos
>> Potential Carrier Pre-Screening
>> Intended Parents match with Surrogate
>> Fertility Clinic Medical Review
>> Escrow Account Funded
>> Surrogate Screening at Fertility Clinic
>> Contracts Drafted and Approved
>> Medication Protocol Begins
>> Embryo Transfer
>> OBGYN Managed Care
>> Birth Certificate Process Initiated
>> Hospital Delivery

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surrogacy cost

Surrogates are free to to set their own carrier fee schedule.  

Example of Carrier Fee Schedule:
Base Compensation: $30,000 - $40,000
Injectable Meds: $500
Embryo Transfer:$500
Mock Cycle: $500
Invasive Procedures:$500
Lost Wages: Varies
Monthly Allowance: $200
Multiples: $5,000
C-Section: $3,000

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