How Much Travel is Required During My Surrogacy Journey

One commonly asked question by both intended parents and surrogates is will I have to travel? The simple answer is yes. At some point during your surrogacy journey, you will have to travel to the intended parent’s clinic.  While every clinic will have their own specific requirements, in most cases, surrogates will be required to travel there twice.The requirement to travel may be a pro or a con , depending on your own personal desires for your journey.  During the matching process, the proximity of the clinic to you and their specific requirements is something that should be considered. Most of the time, the intended parent’s clinic will not be local to the surrogate but it may be within a few hours. 

Your first travel will likely be for a medical screening at the Intended Parent’s clinic. Depending on the distance from your home, you may need to fly or stay overnight near the clinic. The medical screening is a full-day appointment that involves extensive testing and lab work. While there, you’ll meet with the IVF team and undergo a complete examination. If you are in a committed relationship, your spouse or partner may need to join for lab work. After medical clearance, monitoring appointments leading up to the transfer are usually possible at a local clinic or laboratory.

To make sure everything goes smoothly with your embryo transfer, you’ll need to prepare to travel to the clinic on specific dates. This might mean taking a short break from your usual routine for 2-4 days. The clinic may even want you to come in a day early to get ready for the procedure. And in some cases, they might ask you to stay one extra day before heading home.

While every clinic has different processes, it is fairly common that as long as you have a successful transfer the first time, you will travel to the intended parent’s clinic twice altogether.

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