Surrogacy Process for Intended Parents

How to Find a Surrogate


Initial Consultation

Profile Creation

Criminal Background Checks


Third-Party Education and Referrals


Profile Exchange /

Medical Screening

Legal Clearance

Embryo Transfer

Pregnancy & Delivery

Questions about our Surrogacy services?

How much will surrogacy cost?

Budgeting for essential services such as egg donation, IVF, and surrogacy is crucial for financial preparation.

Pre-Screened Surrogates

Prior to matching, our surrogates complete a rigorous pre-screening process including medical record review, OB Clearance, Psychosocial screening, Background Checks, and Insurance Review.

Matching Process

To ensure we can provide the best care possible, we keep our intended parent waitlist limited to ten parents at a time. This way, we can focus on each individual and offer personalized support.

Third Party Reproduction Education and Referrals

As you wait for your match, we will collaborate with you to introduce you to third-party referrals such as IVF clinics, attorneys, escrow, and insurance agents. This way, once you are matched, you will be fully prepared to get started without any delay.

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