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At Guided Surrogacy Solutions, we are confident in our team's extensive experience as surrogates, egg donors, and parents.

Kristen's dream of becoming a mother was challenged by her first kidney transplant at the age of seventeen.

Even in the face of setbacks, she and her husband never gave up on their dream of parenthood. Through their love and perseverance, they found a path to happiness through gestational surrogacy. Their journey was not easy, but their determination and love for each other led them to a happy ending.

Guided Surrogacy Solutions was founded by Kristen in 2017, driven by her experience as an intended parent and her expertise in healthcare technology and process improvement. Apart from managing the organization’s day-to-day operations, Kristen is dedicated to giving back to the infertility community. She served as the Pennsylvania state co-captain for Resolve National Infertility Week in 2023 and is currently a co-treasurer for SEEDS (The Society of Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy).

Kristen, her husband, and their family reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they enjoy exploring the outdoors, experimenting with new recipes, working out, and creating new memories together. For a quick getaway, they love traveling to Deep Creek, Maryland or Erie, Pennsylvania. Above all, Kristen relishes being a mother and assisting others in creating their families.

Kelly Hildreth

Case Manager

Kelly’s unwavering dedication to her work at an IVF clinic for almost a decade allowed her to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping patients navigate their appointments and procedures. Her passion for fertility treatments was ignited through her direct patient care, and she decided to learn everything there is to know about it. With her extensive experience and expertise in third-party reproduction, focusing on surrogacy and egg donation, she has helped many couples and individuals achieve their dream of having a family. Kelly’s commitment and compassionate nature make her a valuable asset to the team and an inspiration to anyone navigating the complex world of fertility.

Kelly lives in Connecticut with her twins. You can usually find her outside or at the gym when she is not working. She enjoys cooking and baking, especially for her friends, and her favorite place is the beach.

Casey Zelmore


When Casey was in high school, she had the same aspirations as most girls: to go to college, get married, and have a family. At the age of seventeen, an auto accident left her paralyzed from the chest down, and she would spend the rest of her life confined to a wheelchair. Despite this, Casey remained positive and never backed down from a challenge.

Years later, Casey completed her Bachelor’s in Early Education from Slippery Rock University and married her husband Rob at the age of 38. Although they both longed for children, Casey’s spinal cord injury made it difficult for her to carry a child to full term. Fortunately, they found a gestational carrier who lived less than two miles away from them, and their daughter was born.

Casey developed a passion for learning about the surrogacy process and enjoys explaining it to anyone who is interested in hearing about her journey. Casey is proud to assist Guided Surrogacy Solutions in helping intended parents and gestational carriers fulfill their dreams and create new memories for their families.

Trystan Jenkins

Marketing Specialist

More info about Trystan is coming soon!

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