Bridging the gap on your surrogacy journey

Rooted from her own unexpected path to parenthood through surrogacy, Pittsburgh native Kristen Macurdy founded Guided Surrogacy Solutions in 2017.

Her firsthand experience as an Intended Parent inspired her to fulfill her passion of helping others by creating a caring and customized approach with the knowledge and attention to detail that is necessary during surrogacy.


Our Services

Each surrogacy journey is unique, therefore we offer a selection of services to compliment your needs. Whether you are looking for a Gestational Carrier or are looking for the support and guidance from the beginning to delivery we can help to guide you along your way.

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Becoming a Surrogate

Gestational Surrogacy is becoming a more popular way for people to build families. There are several facebook groups, books, news articles, and people to reach out to for additional information. Doing your own research will help you to determine if surrogacy is right for your family.

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Getting Started

Surrogacy is an intimate and complex process that requires the knowledge and utilization of multiple resources from different focus areas.

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Our Difference

Building relationships is they key to a successful surrogacy experience. We specialize in surrogacy journeys in the North Eastern United States and pre-screen all of our applicants prior to matching.


I gave up my career to focus on my passion - helping others build their family through surrogacy.

— Kristen Macurdy

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I always felt the calling of motherhood but I never knew what that path would look like with a chronic illness. Giving up was not an option for me but surrogacy was.