A Surrogacy Agency Connecting Hearts for a Greater Purpose

Guided Surrogacy Solutions stands as the leading surrogacy agency in Pennsylvania, offering unparalleled expertise and guidance at every step of the surrogacy journey.

At Guided Surrogacy Solutions, we are confident in our team's extensive experience as surrogates, egg donors, and parents.

With our deep industry knowledge, unwavering passion, and strong ethical standards, we are equipped to expertly guide and support you throughout your incredible surrogacy journey.

Surrogates Build Families

Gestational Surrogacy is one of the largest forms of altruistic love to help a family achieve their dreams of parenthood. Our mission is centered on mentoring surrogates and intended parents while navigating the many steps of the process to create a compassionate and enjoyable experience.

Journey to Parenthood

Guided Surrogacy Solutions understands that everyone has a different experience that leads them to choose surrogacy as an option to build their family. No matter how difficult your journey has been, we are interested in helping guide you through the next steps of your story.

How much do surrogates make?

Finding the right balance between personal motivations and compensation can lead to a successful and fulfilling surrogacy experience for all involved.

Thank you for everything that do for us.

You’re always thinking of the next step and always on the ball! We couldn’t have done this without you.

- Pittsburgh Intended Parents

How much will surrogacy cost?

Budgeting for essential services such as egg donation, IVF, and surrogacy is crucial for financial preparation.

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